11 Work From Home Companies That Provide Equipment

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small compensation. All opinions are my own.

Company-provided equipment is a big perk of employment with some companies. I’ve compiled a list of all the companies that I could find that provide all or some of the equipment needed to work from home.

Apple – Provides everything that you need including an iMac, headset, mouse/keyboard and also provides a monthly stipend to help cover internet costs.

Active Network – Scroll down to find your state. Provides computer, and you must provide the monitor. I use and recommend this one, Asus 21.5-Inches Led Backlight Widescreen Monitor. A landline or digital phone line is required for this position.

Hilton Full-Time or Part-Time – provides a thin client computer. I believe you must provide a monitor, please let me know in the comments if that is correct.

American Express – Provides full computer and a monthly stipend for Internet and phone services.

SEI LLC – I’ve heard this company provides a computer. No positions are open at the time of posting, but may be soon.

Sedgwick – Provides a computer for work. After clicking the link, click to start search and type in “remote.”

Concentrix – Provides a computer for work, requires at least 5Mbps Internet and a landline phone.

Sitel – Provides a computer for work for most clients. The job description should tell you if one would be required from you.

World Travel Holdings – Provides a computer for work, however, they do require a $500 refundable deposit, taken from the first 4 paychecks you receive.

Kelly Connect – Provides a computer for work for most clients. The job description should specify if one if it needs to be provided by you.

Teleperformance – Provides equipment for most clients. After clicking the link, scroll down in the Location box until you find Home Agent – Your State.

Do you know of a company not listed here that provides equipment? If so, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. 

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, we do want you to research any company before providing them with your information. 



  1. Some programs with Sykes do as well. Xbox, Mitchell, and Hallmark are three for sure.

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