Call Centers

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Call Center


Market Research Telephone Interviewer Position. Now hiring! Part time work from home employment opportunity in the US. Please contact Andi Fisher- HR Recruiter for a job description and application.

Alorica (Formerly West) at Home

Constantly taking apps. This is a vendor, which means they have multiple clients they outsource for.


Usually has some openings, especially before Christmas and during tax season. This is a vendor that has multiple clients they outsource for.


Openings for certain states listed. This is a vendor, with multiple clients


Technical support positions at home. I believe this is a vendor as well.


Popular chain of hotels, several different work at home jobs are available.


Moving van/truck/trailer company. Several different types of jobs, this one does have multiple shifts and I think overnight with some positions.


Rental car company. Several different positions available. There might be a requirement to be near a certain metro area.


Technical support for either iOS devices or Mac computers. Both chat and phone jobs. Chat offers 24/7 shifts.


Type “remote” into the search box to find current opportunities. They aren’t hiring all the time. Medical, workers comp, and disability claims management for other companies.


This position has been listed for a while now and I believe they hire seasonally. Possibly full-time, or part-time, just depends on business needs.

Sutherland Global

Usually has openings. Vendor site so they service multiple clients.

Alpine Access/Sykes

Always taking applications. Vendor site with many different clients.


Looks to always have opportunities posted. Vendor site with many different clients and client types.

Multiple openings, make sure it specifies work from home under the job listing.


Multiple job openings, vendor with multiple clients serviced

BSG VoiceLog

Verification systems for phone companies used to combat fraud.

Working Solutions

Vendor site servicing many clients. Independent contractor position. Pay is usually per minute, with a minimum minute guarantee.


Vendor site servicing multiple clients. Independent contractor position. You do have to pay for your background check with this company.

Be sure to check out my Getting Started post, which outlines the general requirements of virtual call centers for their at-home agents.

The information listed here is as correct as I could make it at the time of posting. All information is dependent upon the company and is subject to change at any time. Every effort will be made to ensure accuracy, but as always please do your due diligence to protect yourself and your information.