Work-at-Home Companies Paying $14 (or more) per Hour

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In almost all living situations it is impossible to live on minimum wage. It’s increasingly hard to live on $10-$12 an hour. Today, I wanted to focus on a few companies offering work at home positions paying $14 or more per hour. This list won’t be long but it will give you a starting point in your search.

Apple – Pay varies by location, however the least I’ve heard of them offering is $15 an hour. Apple is looking for great customer service providers, with at least 2 years of tech support experience under their belt. Many outsourcing call centers have Apple contracts as well, and their requirements are less stringent, however, this does mean less pay. It’s still a foot in the door and valuable experience that can get you into a job directly with Apple. Arise, Kelly, and Teleperformance all have Apple as a client.

American Express – Job description places the average hourly rate at $16, however, I have heard of employees getting up to $23 per hour with incentives and bonuses. AmEx is not an easy company to get hired into. They are looking for very experienced customer service providers who meet or exceed all requirements listed in the job description. They also want a very polished and keyword heavy resume. You can see my post on resumes here.

Working Solutions – Pay here is per talk minute, so many lines of business can get you over $14 an hour if you are constantly on the phone. This can definitely be achieved, depending on the times you schedule and call volume. Many clients have a minimum guarantee so even if you aren’t on the phone a lot you will still get paid a decent wage per hour.

Postmates – It is possible to get up to $14 an hour if you can beat the call average of 2 minutes per call, and the queue is full. This likely won’t happen during the week but Friday and Saturday nights and most of the day Sunday are very busy. A program called Auto Clicker can help you to grab claims quickly. To apply, email your interest and resume to

Freelance Writing – Depending on how quickly you write, and your going rate you can earn almost limitless income.

For more information you can view my post on Finding Great At-Home Job Leads

The information listed here is as correct as I could make it at the time of posting. All information is dependent upon the company and is subject to change at any time. Every effort will be made to ensure accuracy, but as always please do your due diligence to protect yourself and your information.


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