6 Things No One Tells You About Working From Home

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1. Some people won’t respect it at all.

Some of your family, friends, and even strangers won’t respect or understand that you work at home. They will imply you don’t do anything all day, either subtle or outright. They may call you during your work hours, or knock on the door (even if you have one of my cute printables found here, Shhh I’m Working Printables posted) or expect you to help them out any time they need, because of course you “don’t do anything all day.” Ignore these people, or educate them if you think reform is possible.

2. Some people will think you are magic for being able to work at home.

These people are my favorite! They think it’s amazing that you can work from home, and some will even ask if you will help them get started. Do it! It’s so nice to have someone in your offline life that works at home as well, and can understand that aspect of you!

3. You will go to the kitchen. A lot. 

It’s right there, tempting you, all the time. You will make frequent trips to the kitchen. Whether it’s to get a drink, a snack, or just to procrastinate. Plan for this, and figure out a way to conquer it. Some WAH’ers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing have went so far as to have a small dorm-sized fridge in their office, or even a Keurig. Staying hydrated is important. Personally, I’d love to have a water cooler in my office space. I’d be the only one standing near it talking, but what else is new? On the snacking front, I’d suggest keeping a basket in your fridge of healthy, and easy to grab snacks. String cheese, apples, yogurt, and light fruit cups are all good choices.

4. There will be days that you’re dressed in pj’s the entire day.

Unless you’re the type of person that gets up and dressed every day without fail, there will be many days where you just stay in whatever you slept in for work. Since I started working from home 6 years ago, my pajama wardrobe has doubled. There isn’t much clothing wise that’s more comfortable than some fuzzy pj pants and a big t-shirt!

5. How much dedication and motivation you must have.

This is especially true of freelancers who make their own schedule and have no one supervising them or reminding them of that needs to be done. When you’re sick and working just 20 or so feet from your couch it’s really hard to find the motivation to stay at work when you can go lay down. Working from home means you never leave work so it’s super easy to get burned out. Which brings me to my next point.

6. You will be at home. All. The. Time

No brick and mortar work place means that you don’t have to commute, or deal with traffic or even people, which are great advantages. However, it also means that no one is asking you to go out to lunch or happy hour, and you don’t get that social interaction that humans need as easily. To combat this, make sure you follow number 2 and get a friend or two working from home as well. This means you have a community around you for support and socialization. If you don’t have anyone else that works from home I’m sure you have a mom or dad friend that is home during the day that you can hang with. They would probably be glad for the company too! Anyway you do it, just get out of the house, and maybe even socialize a bit.

What do you wish you would’ve known before transitioning to working at home?




  1. I wish I would have known how much weight I would gain! Also how much of a homebody I would become, I dislike going anywhere.

    • You’re absolutely right! I had mostly the same experience. I’m trying to eat better though, and be a bit more social. Hopefully, that will help.

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